Elect Frank James Matthews, III for Mayor of Birmingham

Frank James Matthews III  was born on April 10, 1956 on a Thursday; but, has led a life of redemption turning tragedy into triumph.  As a fetus, his mother attempted to abort him, but out of the bloody waters, he survived.  His older brother would climb into his bed, drink almost all of his milk and place the empty bottle into Matthews' mouth - almost starving him to death.  At the age of 3, Matthews and his siblings were placed into foster care.  Matthews' grandmother, Maddie Lee Allen, adopted her granddaughter and 5 grandsons and took them to Limestone County, Alabama, where Frank James Matthews at 11 years old was knocked off his bicycle and taken to the city jail.  However, due to his age, the Chief of Police would not hold him.  The Limestone County Sheriff, Buddy Evans, chose to lock up Matthews for one week and one night.  During his jailing, Matthews was placed in a shower, called the "n" word and forced to tapdance.  The Sheriff would bring his young son to the jail, hoist him on his shoulders and say, "Look at the dancing monkey."  After a season of attempting to work through this emotional scarring, Matthews consciously decided that it is more effective to turn bitterness into betterment and use bad situations for elevation.  Despite the seemingly bad hand Matthews was dealt, he has realized that God chose his enemies according to his needs and the greatest successes in his life can be attributed to other ethnicities pouring into him.      

Matthews became a minister. He became involved in "Teen Challenge", a Christian-based recovery program. He renounced the gang lifestyle and attended the Morris Cerullo School of Ministry in San Diego, California.

Around the year 1989, Matthews moved to Birmingham, Alabama. In response to the spate of homicides at Metropolitan Gardens, he began ministering directly to gang leaders at the housing project. He founded Intercession Ministries, Inc., an anti-gang ministry and accepted the call to lead Hallelujah Center, a congregational ministry that focused on at-risk teens.

In 1992, Matthews was appointed by Mayor Richard Arrington to serve as a gang liaison to the city. Also Matthews created the Pregnant Male Initiative for the Jefferson County Health Department.  He continues to serve as a Gang Liaison to the Birmingham City Council.  As a minister, Matthews became known as "God's Gangster", producing the "In Your Face" talk show - the most highly rated locally produced show in Birmingham history.  Matthews was able to syndicated "In Your Face" throughout the southeast.  

In 1999, Matthews stopped producing "In Your Face"; and, on April 22, 1999 launched "In Your Ear" radio show.  In the second day of being on the air, Matthews exclusively interviewed Isaiah Sholes' father.  Due to the success of that show, Matthews was able to interview Tiger Woods, Florence Joyner, Johnnie Cochran and Heather Whitestone, the former Miss Alabama who went on to become Miss America, Janet Reno and other high profile individuals.  

Also in 1999, Matthews founded the Outcast Voters League to engage in political activism and education. The League's first cause was to support development of the Barber Motorsports Park which was being opposed by the Cahaba River Society.  Through the Outcast Voters League, Matthews has rallied for body cams for the Birmingham Police Department; the removal of the Confederate monument at Linn Park; bringing attention to the Gate City Explosion, raising a 35-foot Christmas tree so that the devastation of the explosion would not take away from the children's joy of the holiday season;  and, had Trayvon Martin named an honorary citizen of Birmingham.  Matthews worked with the late Revs. Fred Shuttlesworth and Abraham Woods to protest the bond grant to Bobby Frank Cherry - one of the bombers of the 16th Street Baptist Church - who had at that time been deemed unfit to stand trial due to advanced dementia.  After 8 months of protest, Cherry stood trial, was tried and convicted & eventually died in prison.  Matthews has attended most City Council meetings and numerous other events over the years and frequently speaks up as a community activist. In April 2007, he introduced a resolution calling for the city of Birmingham to formally apologize for slavery (a practice banished several years before the city was founded, but from which many leading citizens had previously benefited while others had suffered).

Matthews began the "Toy Gun Smashing" in 50 cities across America, beginning in Cleveland, OH where Tamir Rice was murdered by a police officer while playing with a toy gun.  He raised awareness of the racial injustice regarding the woman who was body-slammed by police at the Homewood Walmart.  Matthews initiated a fight against the Birmingham Water Works Board after hearing about an 86-year-old woman, who was so afraid that the BWWB was going to turn off her water, that she bathed in the same water for a week.  He also began "Men In Ensley", with the Jefferson County Millennial Democrats Vice President Carlos Chaverst, after 4 homes were burned down in the course of one night. 


Paid for by the campaign to elect Frank Mathews
Community activist Frank Matthews made his feelings known loud and clear Wednesday after Birmingham Mayor William Bell signed an ordinance passed by the city council that raises the city's minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.
Frank Matthews goes before Birmingham City Council to speak out against toy guns.

The History of Frank James Matthews, III

Professional Experience

  • Church of God in Christ, Inc., Licensed Minister (1985-Present)

  • Birmingham Police Chief Non-Violence Committee, Former Member (1992) 

  • Governor's Juvenile Justice Advisory Commission, Former Appointee (1992) 

  • Intercession Ministries, Former Executive Director (1992)

  • City of Birmingham - Mayor's Office, Former Crime Consultant (1992-1995)

  • Avondale Lemonites, Co-Founder (1993) 

  • Ultra-Net GED Tutorial Program, Founder (1993)  

  • "In Your Face", Former TV Host/Producer (1993-1997)

  • Jefferson County Health Department Healthy Start Pregnant Males Initiative, Founder (1994-1997)

  • "In Your Ear", Former Radio Host/Producer (1998-2010)

  • Birmingham Cable Commission, Former Member (1999)

  • Outcast Voters League of America, Founder (1999-Present)

  • Touch Communications Advertising Agency, CEO (1999-Present)

  • Mayor's Office of Citizens Assistance, Mayor Larry Langford (2007-2009)

  • Men In Ensley, (2017-Present)

Platform Issues

  • Establish a $40 Million plan that will annually set aside $10 Million to aid up to 200 small businesses with an amount not to exceed $50,000

  • Matthews will contribute of the Mayor of Birmingham's $107,000 annual salary. $50,000 dollars...annually donating; Meals on Wheels: receiving $25,000...$25,000 increments of $12,500 Alabama Striders Dewitt Thomas and Birmingham City Schools. In four years of Matthews Administration...contributing $200,000 from his own salary as Mayor

  • Immediately cease and desist the Mayor's $1 Million security team

  • Ensure all city employees will receive a one-time 15% merit raise and a 5% cost of living increase

  • Restore longevity pay for all city employees with (Arrearage) dating back to 2010

  •  Create industrial cleaning service for all uniformed city employees

  •  Establish Community Police Review Committee

  •  Revamp city law department with competent attorneys 

  •  Establish Office of International Business Recruitment

  •  Lobby for equal apportionment of Jefferson County taxes

  •  Revitalize neighborhoods with reinvestment of our bank funds

  •  Reorganize and streamline Birmingham Youth Program into a vibrant consortium

  •  Repeal smoking ban at the Birmingham Race Course

  •  Establish Senior Citizen Automotive Hotline

  •  Ensure quality control of street improvement 

  • Advocate for a five member school board that will run at-large with the #1 vote-getter becoming President for the quadrennium taking the politics out of our education

  • Advocate for Bingo within the city limits of Birmingham

  • Initialize infield housing cooperation between millennials, senior citizens and the homeless

  • Restore the Humanity Serving 501c3 Non-Profits  

  • Initiate  litigation to restore the Birmingham Water Works to the City


  • Certificate of Appreciate, Birmingham City Council 

  • Education Support Awards, Birmingham Public Schools 

  • Birmingham Vulcan Award

  • Proclamation, City of Huntsville 

  • Humanitarian of the Year Award, Mayor William Bell, Sr.

  • Certificate of Appreciation, Metro Democratic Women's Club, Inc. 

  • Meritorious Service Award, NAACP 

  • National Thomas Jefferson Award

  • Certificate of Appreciation, NPBC Youth Network 

  • Parents Against Violence  Award 

  • MLK Award, Southern Christian Leadership Conference

  • Traveler's Award, President William Jefferson Clinton 

  • Certificate of Recognition, Senate of the State of Alabama 

  • Courage Award, Southwest Athletic Association 

  • Letter of Recognition, United States White House



  • Alabama State Representative - District 58, Candidate (1998) 

  • Birmingham City Council - District 2, Candidate (2000)

  • Mayor of Birmingham, Candidate (2003)

  • Birmingham City Council - District 2, Candidate (2005) (First person of color to make the run-off in a District 2 election.) 



Frank Matthews PowerPoint presentation plan for the City of Birmingham



 Community activist Frank Matthews plans to run for Birmingham mayor.

Community activist Frank Matthews plans to run for Birmingham mayor.

Community activist Frank Matthews announces run for Birmingham mayor

Community activist Frank Matthews III has announced his intentions to run for Birmingham mayor.

"I'm running because for the last 40 years, Birmingham's poverty rate has remained in the 30th percentile range - topping out at the current rate of 37.1 percent," Matthews said.

 Frank Matthews and several others lay on the floor of Homewood City Hall Monday, Dec. 5, 2016, in protest of a woman's detention during a felony theft investigation at Walmart on Dec. 1.

Frank Matthews and several others lay on the floor of Homewood City Hall Monday, Dec. 5, 2016, in protest of a woman's detention during a felony theft investigation at Walmart on Dec. 1.

Activists protest at Homewood City Hall after woman searched, detained at Walmart

Protesters angry over what they claim was mistreatment of a black woman wrongly detained by Homewood police during a felony theft investigation at Walmart took their concerns to City Hall on Monday.

Frank Matthews, president of the Outcast Voters League, and three others lay down on the floor of the lobby at Homewood City Hall for 30 minutes, which is how long they say 59-year-old Brenda Rivers was handcuffed in the Lakeshore store Dec. 1 before she was released without being charged. Multiple people videotaped the incident, and that video quickly was viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.

 Activist Frank Matthews holds up his fist to quiet the crowd.

Activist Frank Matthews holds up his fist to quiet the crowd.

Protesters March at Birmingham Airport to Oppose Trump’s Immigration Ban

Protesters marched, chanted and sang Sunday at the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport to voice opposition against President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration and refugees.

The order temporarily bans citizens of seven majority Muslim countries, along with all refugees, from entering the United States. Late Sunday, the Department of Homeland Security issued a statement easing part of Trump’s immigration order, allowing those with green cards from the seven countries to re-enter the U.S.

 Frank Matthews gives his thoughts on Donald Trump's opinion about terrorists.  

Frank Matthews gives his thoughts on Donald Trump's opinion about terrorists.  

Protesters prepare for Trump rally

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — As thousands of Donald Trump’s supporters prepare for the candidate’s rally at the BJCC Saturday morning, protesters are also getting ready for the event.

Carlos Chaverst, the youth coordinator for the local chapter of Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, picked up his permit to demonstrate from Birmingham City Hall Friday.

 Frank Matthews explains his view of Anti-Trump protest.

Frank Matthews explains his view of Anti-Trump protest.

Frank Matthews on C-Span "Your View Of Anti-Trump Protests?"

Frank Matthews on C-Span "Your View Of Anti-Trump Protests?"



6/10   Frank Matthews Launch Kickoff for Mayor

10am-2pm Proposal/Engagement to the City of Birmingham at The Edge Theater 7001 Crestwood Blvd. #11oo Birmingham, AL 35210. We will be showing "Glory" starring Denzel Washington.

6/10   Frank Matthews $40 Million Dollar Small Business Stimulus Plan

6pm at The Chicken Park (Across from Green Acres Chicken 1705 4th Ave. N Birmingham, AL 35203)

6/11    Citizens Appreciation Picnic

2524 38th Ave. N. Birmingham, AL 35207

7/4    Former Convicted Felon Voter's Registration Rally

Time and Location: TBA

7/15   City Employees Appreciation Day

Time and Location: TBA




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